Center on Halsted hits ground running in AIDS Run & Walk

Team Center on Halsted

Put your foot down and join in the fight to end HIV/AIDS

“I’ve done plenty of races before, but the AIDS Run & Walk is different,” says Grant Ladniak, Center on Halsted staff member and AIDS Run/Walk team captain. Grant returns to the Team Center on Halsted after joining for the first time last year.

Center on Halsted has hit the ground running in preparation for the AIDS Run & Walk on October 1, 2016. The organization has again been selected as a beneficiary for team-raised funds to support essential HIV and AIDS services, including testing, linkage to care, and education. Join us throughout the month of August and up to the event by signing up to run or walk and helping the team meet its goals. All Team Center on Halsted participants will be included in weekly e-blasts to invigorate fundraising efforts and will receive invites to group running and walking meet-ups.

Why do you run? Center on Halsted sat down with staff members Grant Ladniak and Peter Johnson to ask them why they joined the team.

“Last year was eye opening and a truly uplifting experience,” said Grant. “I was amazed by the tremendous amount of support and comradery between and amongst teams. It feels great to see this massive crowd of people all banning together on the day of the race, with everyone in their red t-shirts having a great time, and knowing that they are all there to make a change. Too often service providers work within their own communities and a greater context is lost. The AIDS Run & Walk amplifies the impact HIV/AIDS has on all of our lives.”

For Peter, this is his third time participating in the AIDS Run & Walk. “Each year is filled with its own surprises and enthusiasm,” says Peter. “I am consistently impressed with the ways in which friends and families step up to the plate to support these initiatives. This events speaks volumes to the power of individuals turning towards community to make a difference and raise awareness.”

We’re lacing up and getting ready to go! Are you with us? Sign up today to join Team Center on Halsted.

Center on Halsted is the Midwest’s largest community center dedicated to advancing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Movement.

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