Center on the Issues: International Women’s Day

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Center on the Issues
International Women’s Day

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, an annual marker that aims to bring attention to women’s accomplishments and obstacles. The year holds deeper significance given a contentious political environment, where protesters have turned out in force to voice disagreement with the new administration’s policies and President Trump’s rhetoric, especially regarding women’s issues.

Central to our mission and vision, Center on Halsted supports women, female-identified, and feminine-spectrum individuals as integral to not only a thriving LGBTQ community, but a verdant and just world.

The histories of the Women’s and LGBTQ movements are intertwined and indeed their successes are dependent on one another. Both value self-determination, dignity and the right to create our own families through empowered decision-making. Whether focused on the right to autonomy and equality or on the imperative not to have access to those rights hampered by social injustice, our movements are stronger together.

Here is what you can do:

• Wear RED in solidarity

Join us for one of a number of our women’s programs!

• Consider joining our women’s action committee to plan programs that support and celebrate LGBTQ women, such as our bi-annual By Women For Women event.

• Celebrate transgender women with us on March 31st for the Transgender Day of Visibility!

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