The Building Blocks for Success at Center on Halsted

Meet Katelyn Clark
New Center on Halsted GED Graduate

“I had never spent a day in high school before coming here to Center on Halsted,” says Katelyn Clark, who goes by Katie. “I came here looking for an education, and it’s given me all that and more.”

Katie ventured to Center on Halsted in the fall of 2015 looking to complete her GED. She chose Center on Halsted’s GED program because of its close proximity to her home and the individualized attention from 1-on-1 volunteer tutors.

“I absolutely love the people here,” Katie says. “What was intimidating about other institutional settings, like large classes and an unwelcoming environment, was the exact opposite at Center on Halsted. I now tell others I know to come here instead of elsewhere because it’s so unique!”

Center on Halsted’s GED program, in its third year, is run collaboratively with Truman College of the City Colleges of Chicago. Having already graduated more than half a dozen individuals, Tuesday and Thursday classes at Center on Halsted are buzzing with students and tutors working away at problems sets and writing exercises.

After a year of hard work and persistence, Katie graduated the GED program after taking all three subject tests in Center on Halsted’s David J. Lochman Cyber Center. “This has changed my life,” reflects Katie. “Everyone has that day when they wake up and know they are finally ready. For me it was enrolling in this GED program and taking my life back. I feel like I have a purpose now.”

Having tackled the GED, what’s next for Katie? “ I am interested in exploring more of what Center on Halsted has to offer, like the Silver Fork Culinary Arts & Job Readiness Program. I am also getting a degree in Human Development & Family Services! ”

With Katie now enrolled at Truman College, she’s well on her way!



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Center on Halsted is the Midwest’s largest community center dedicated to advancing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Movement.